Google Enhances Local Search With Nearby FilterGoogle just turned on its “Nearby” location filter hours ago. It allows you to refine your results and pay more heed to those that are locally available. So if you want to search for “The best Chinese Restaurant” you can type these words and hit nearby ¬†button under “Show Options” to get the the results most relevant to you in terms location.

Google can pick your location using your IP address. If you wish to see similar results for another location, you can change it under customise location.

Having explained this, I would now like to bring your focus to an incredible concept called Local Commerce. Though it hasn’t found a sturdy foothold in the market but it is surely rising. You know about Yelp, right?! It started in 2004 in San Francisco as a directory working for local business offers and deals. It slowly expanded to several other cities and eventually became a local commerce leader. Sounds like a good recipe for success considering they used Google Maps to direct people to the local stores to avail offers and deals etc.

Now look at Google, It has all the data (big or small, all business register with them, they have google Maps and the biggest reach possible), now all they need is a nudge that makes them put two and two together and build something that can defeat players like Yelp. I am not against Yelp or in favor of Google,. I am merely bringing forward facts and drawing a clearer picture of the potential future.

Let me put it this way, if I want to go to an Italian restaurant, I can search for those on Google, click nearby to find the ones in the vicinity and maybe even find an offer that is running in a particular restaurant. I’d be happy to go to that restaurant, avail the deal and save a few bucks. And who better than Google go Master it? Imagine if a small button like Nearby can open such enormous opportunities for Google, what can pushing themselves further do.