Google Confirms “Mayday” Update Impacts Long Tail TrafficMatt Cutts from Google just posted a video on YouTube about the new changes in the google algorithm. As per the new algo, websites with long tail keywords will work better than others. The main focus of this new update takes your focus as to what kind of keywords are your choosing for your page for when google crawlers crawl your page they list it on top on the basis of the long tail keywords present on the page.

Now I know what you are thinking, you think you can trick Google and stuff the page with long tail keywords (relevant, irrelevant who cares) and let the traffic just roll in. But I tell you, think again. People/ Brands assume that this is going to be the last of Google’s algo change and if we can align our website as per the algo, we are good to go. But they are wrong. Absolutely wrong. First of all, you cant keep changing the website over and over again to accommodate each of the changes google makes, you’d most definitely need an army of SEO experts to do that. (Google made over 500 changes in its algorithm last year). Secondly, even if you do make the changes, how do you know this one is the last one or for that matter, they wont recall one of them one fine day. Google Algorithms are no game, it has a very simple underlying concept that you need to grasp.

Google has one very simple, fundamental ambition, it is to provide people with world class search experience and do whatever it takes to give people the most relevant results on the first page itself. So every time an algorithm change is made, they move a step closer to their aim. Now that you have understood its aim, you must have also understood that the job of the crawler bots is to scan the sites to gauge whether or not it has the most relevant content the search query or not. The key word here is content. If your content is unique (on each page), relevant to the page, has all the keywords (long-tail) not forced but significant to the content available on the page, chances are your page will be among the top results of the respective search query.  If the content is secure, you will not need to Call Mayday.  In short, Content is the King. Get that right, and you wont need to worry about the algorithms ever!!