Google News Gets Biggest Overhaul Since 2002, Adds Trending Topics And Personal News StreamGoogle is one of the smartest companies around the globe. They know when they need to change to keep people hooked to them. After several months of beta testing, Google rolled out Google News in a whole new avatar. As per the Director of Product Management Mr. Ben Ling, It is “the biggest redesign since the Beta in 2002”.

One of the most important sections in the new look is “News for you”. You will now actually be allowed to personalise the news stream as to what is relevant to you but also declare which surveys you find most reliable. The news will appear in a chronological fashion very similar to that of Facebook Twitter etc. Not only that, it allows you to edit your preferences of relevant topics and sources whenever you like.

Another novel feature added to the design are trending topics. On the left hand side column you will be able to view the trending topics and top stories under the name, topic links. These were a hit in the beta version. Does it ring a bell? Have you seen it before? Oh yes, on Twitter. But these are available with a twist. The trending links will also be available above the headlines clocking which will showcase a stream of related stories.

Another very small, but important feature is the local news and weather report avaialble at the lower right hand corner. Google is attemptinmg to keep itself localised and grounded.

Google is enhancing its social reach by introducing the Share buttons such as Facebook , Twitter, email a friend, Google Buzz etc.  This doesnt just allow yout to share a particular story but the entire bunch. Google is constantly adapting itself to the new trends across the internet to remain on the top. A classic example of survival of the fittest.

If you observe closely, google always find the most successful trends and incorporates them into  its own products. Its also expanding its social reaach. Its only a matter of time when you will see an elaborate set of products mimicing all successful businesses across the internet. Who knows, they might alreadey be on their way.