Half Of All Facebook Users Play Social Games - It's 40 Percent Of Total Usage TimeWhile reading an interview of a very renowned man in the gaming industry, I came across an observation that he made which made me think and rethink as to how will the Social Media Space change with this development. More than half of Facebook users prefer to play social games on it. That’s not all, 40% of total time spent on facebook is on playing these games.  In my opinion thats huge.

Now getting back to where I heard it; it was at the Press Conference that had Mr. John Pleasants announce the acquisition of Playdom by Disney at almost $750 million and that he will still remain a part of Playdom. playdom has established itself with Social games such as Sorority life, Market Street, Social CIty with an estimated active players of almost 40 Million a month. This acquisition will help Disney strengthen its gaming portfolio and with Mr. Pleasants on board, it will get an even better Management Team. THis will also enhance the gaming opportunities available on Facebook etc. with new games etc.

All these are facts, but what I must really bring to your notice is that this is merely the stepping stone for the convergence of the game builders. Soon social media & gaming leaders will buy out players to dominate the Gaming Space to allow them to lead social media space.

Social Media is only going to fervently grow here on and in a couple of years become a very integral part of Mobile Device Gaming. The games are becoming more adult friendly (Not just adult games) to keep people hooked and have them pay by their credit cards to be able to move forward. Just a matter of time.