Google Search Results dominated by One Domain TerminatedSo you thought that some Meta tags, keyword stuffing and content could make you the number oine result on Google Search page? Think again. You might just have run out oif luck. Imagine, if Google’s new algorithm can bring wikipedia results to a 7 or an 8 on the 1st page, you dont stand a chance, unless you are a big known brand and have a website, products etc by the brand name. Like apple. (see below)

Now is the time for some scrutiny. Even though Mr. Peter Norvig from Google, just a few weeks ago, spoke about the need for diversity in the search results to allow the user a great deal of variety, it neednt have been the case always. What google has done is, you might call,  unexpected, inexplicable. But it can be explained. For a person searching for Apple iPod, Google is looking at the first part of the search word(s) and generating the most relevant results for it. So search for Apple iPod i will yield results first (first seven infact) and then of others such as wikipedia etc.

On the other hand, had i typed iPod Apple the results would have been different. for instance the first result was the most relevant blog about iPod, then results on apple and so on and so forth. My point being, that this algo may bring forth the brands in greater light but despite that rich content will win.

No matter how many changes Google brings about in its algorithm (Some days it will give importance to brands, some others multi brand posts so on and so forth) the only thing that will persist and will need for survival is COntent, content and content. There is no escaping the most fundamental rule of SEO, its content. That is the past, presnt and the future of SEO.