Google Instant LaunchedGoogle Instant got launched today. It is a brilliant feature. I am sure you have read that in a lot of places and must have already experienced what it really does. Google instant starts search even before you finish typing in the search bar taking, what you have already typed, as clues.

That’s pretty cool huh?! Not just that, it also makes suggestions as to what it thinks you meant and as soon as you select an option by scrolling down till you find what you were looking for in the most relevant set of words, it shows you the result, Instantly. Hence, the name. ¬†This not only helps in a quick search, it helps in making the search results most accurate.

WHat is incredible cool about this feature is that is will save more time when you make a Google search on your mobile device. It will help you type as less as possible and choose your option from among the suggestions available. I have said this time and again and shall reiterate that Google and all other Internet Giants are evolving to accommodate the increase of usage of Mobile Devices.

Experts have predicted that by the end of 2015 50% of people will have Mobile Devices, and will continue to expand and eventually dominate the world of Internet users. The Internet Giants are evolving to make one product which would be friendly for both the Desktop as well as Mobile Devices, but eventually they will have to Bifurcate their product as the UI of the Mobile Devices is different (Smaller, Touch friendly in many cases) and the evolution will need to treat both as equal to be successful.