PayPal Beats Google Checkout To The Local Payments Market But Will It Work?As you already know Google Checkout is a payment option provided by Google using which you can make payment to Local stores with a Credit or Debit Card and Shipping information as in your Google Accounts. This feature of Google reduces Fraud and allows easy tracking of purchases. This feature was launched in the US June 2006. Google Checkout has numerous traders listed with them as an optional payment method.

Ebay owned PayPal, is one of Google Chekout’s biggest competitor. PayPal recently launched a new version of its iPhone Application that allows you to search for locally available deals and promotions on their choice of categories. You can pick up the product purchased or deal in person and pay for them using PayPal.

Paypal, again, a leading organization of the Internet space (owned by Ebay, an e-commerce Giant) has spoken clearly and loudly enough that they intend to merge together Local Commerce and Mobile commerce, the future of Internet shopping. Local commerce is brilliantly bringing the local market to the user and on the other hand, Mobile Commerce is giving the user access to the entire market space with just their own Mobile Devices. Clubbing these two together, Paypal has made an incredible move. It will, most definitely work.

In less than 2 years, you will see a lot of Big companies moving aggressively towards the mobile space with new applications, devices and concepts. The mobile market will also boom with smart phones and other devices (iPad is only the beginning). The Future lies in the Mobile Internet space and the the local commerce. Even in the past, many concepts worked much better when they were localised that is before their global launch. (Will touch upon Local Commerce in detail some other day.) For now, the Market will see many Internet Giant Roaring towards the Mobile Commerce.