The +1 Button – The New Buzz in the Google TownThe competition among the Social Media biggies has another addition to the long list of occurrences. Ever wondered what’s that tiny, blue and white coloured button saying “+1” below every article you read on Google search results? This is the button facilitated by Google to help you share stuff on Google+. When you press the +1 button on an article, it gets recommended to everyone on the web and a large number of people read what’s shared by their friends and family.

This is a very strategic move made by Google to enhance its search results. Now when people will search for something in particular on Google search engine, the results will reflect the +1 and queue them as to who among their friends has read the article. This directly affects the relevance of the article thus customising the search results as per the viewer.

The +1 button can be made available on non-Google websites too, for a search result, a page, banner or even an advertisement. That enables people to see recommendation from their friends that they had once visited. One basic requirement of being able to use the +1 button is that you ought to have your personal Google Plus profile. On non-Google websites, you can choose to display your +1s publicly or keeping them private to yourself. +1 allows you to see recommendations not only from your friends and family but also from a total stranger which helps you increase your social circle.

Google helps people find stuff that is most relevant to their search. Shockingly, Google controls over 66% of the search traffic. With such an magnificent number Google wouldn’t want to lose its market share. With a strong Google Plus profile, one can bring huge traffics to a site. Google Plus augments the search results. Brands need to quiclkly realise the potential of this button and how it can be used to increase trafiic on their website.

Search is not the only reason behind Google’s action. They want to dominate social search especially when it is in its nascent stage so that before anyone is even able to grasp it, Google has moved way ahead.  As I have said many times before, in the online space, the only way to survive is constant innovation, and Google has indeed mastered it. Though this may be a good survival strategy but to move a few laps ahead of competition, Google will need to reinvent its social media standing and then master Social Search. Undoubtedly, the +1 button will prove to be an advantage for Google to grab the control over search traffic.