Google Places - Understand what it has in StoreLocal commerce is establishing a foothold in the Internet Space. All this because of the raging location war among many internet players like Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, and now google.  They are mainly turning local business owners towards Online Advertising.

Google has entered the location war with Google Places. It will also contain a number of features such as local business listings, coupons, offers, deals etc. For a nominal fee local businesses can enhance their listings buy buying tags. This will reflect their businesses on Google maps as well. Businesses can also update their Places real time like define their areas of service etc. Google as usual is sticking by its core strength of providing a world class search engine to its users.

This is only the beginning of the war. With Local commerce gaining momentum more and more players are taking to tempting the local businesses to register with them. The presumption is that the more the number of deals and offers a portal can make available to customers, that portal will eventually emerge a winner. Atleast that is what their game plan seems to work like.

The thing that all the players are overlooking in this game is extremely simple. The only way to win this war is to provide the customer a wholesome package of everything that he needs. Today, Facebook is hot property, as it provides people a platform to interact with others, to seek acknowledgement and advice. People need one single platform that gives them social fulfillment while buying their favourite deal from the local store/ Restaurant, see where their friends are and eventually pay online (safer, easier) It will take them a few more months to realise that. But let me tell you one thing, the war will go a long way.