“Are you on Facebook/Twitter?” is considered to be a foolish question in this modern-digital era. Undoubtedly, social networking has become a part of our very beings in the past few years. But there is another social networking site that has recently emerged- Pinterest. It is a site that lets you create your own virtual bulletin board of pictures just about anything. Many small businesses and brands are also using the site to promote their products and bring traffic to their own sites. The website, launched in March 2010 and a few days ago Times Magazine had listed it in its “50 best websites of 2011” article.

Even though Pinterest is not attracting a large amount of traffic, it is experiencing huge booms. Interestingly, most of Pinterest users are probably women, creating pinboards related to fashion, apparels, jewellery, food and drink etc. The thing that matters the most on pinterest and you’re your pinboard attention are the quality of the images.

One thing that brands need to focus on while using Pinterest is integrating it with your Twitter or Facebook accounts. It can keep your online marketing channels open, and draw more traffic.

Pinterest will be the “hottest” website of 2012. The site currently owns 8 million regular users. The reason why pinterest is been able to increase their user database at such a remarkable speed is primarily because of the women. Men (even women), since primitive times, have always been attracted to things and places where women are.  This is exactly how social media flourishes. Kudos to women power!