Fab.com Awarded The Best Start-up This weekend, Fab.com was awarded the best start-up of the year. Quite impressive I’d say. They have looked at marketing the way one should. Let me ask you, what is the first rule of marketing? “Customer is the king” He doesn’t survive because of you but the other way around. But then doesn’t everyone focus all their energies on the Customer? What is so special about Fab.com?

Let me first show you what it is that we are talking about. This is what Fab.com looks like, if you dint already know that is. Now you y much understand that it is a shopping portal. But that’s not all. They have taken their business a step further to please his customer; they have built their business within the customer’s territory.

If I have to summarize what they do right, then I’d say they have touched the social nerve of people, the need for aesthetics, other’ consent, approval and inspiration. Fab.com allows people to see what others are up to wrt shopping only and draw inspiration from their purchases, likes etc. For fashion fiestas and connoisseurs this is the perfect place to reflect their expertise. Commoners draw inspiration from the most popular products and nudge their friends to do the same. Shopping was never something one did alone, company was essential. Fab.com brought this social experience to the virtual world.

“Everything we do has to be well-designed. Social can’t be a bolt-on; it has to be part of the core experience and designed really, really well. I personally design everything that goes on the screen. A virtual product doesn’t get on Fab unless I think it’s a great product.” Jason Goldberg said – CEO of Fab.com. Considering its calibre to achieve the set targets it’s not at all surprising that it has been awarded as the best start-up. It reached one million users just in five months, bagging the tag of fastest e-commerce website too.

Fab.com didn’t just satisfy people, but made them smile for real. With their smile page they have essentially given people a platform to laugh and share their purchases or just images with their friends. What better way to market yourself than word of mouth.

Fab.com is unique in terms of its style, rather its basic model. Its unique selling point is its social connectivity and design or aesthetics. They are rightly awarded the Best Startup of the year considering its growth and innovation.

Fab.com won’t stop here, within 5 years, it will grow 500 times and become more popular than any social media platform known. Their focus is the customer and companies that gauge the latent (unknown) need of a customer become most successful. Their next move will be to capture the mobile devices.

Check out Fab.com and experience it for yourself.