Google PlusRecently, Google launched its own Social Networking site called Google+. It turned out to be a rival to the existing most popular social networking site – Facebook which now had to face the huge challenge of enhancing its technologies. One of the major advantages that Google+ serve over Facebook is that, the user can keep his friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances etc separated into different Circles whereas Facebook’s Friend List turns out to be a cluster of all. Google+ provides various features like Circles, Hangouts, Messenger, Instant Photo Upload, Google Search and much more.

With any two competing entities, each is a challenge to the other. Not only is Google+ a challenge to Facebook but surprisingly the vice-versa is also true. Google co-founder Sergery Brin said that Facebook is dominating the whole web threatening the Internet Freedom which frankly is the reason of Google’s terror.

Facebook, according to analytics was exceeding Google in web activity. Its Social Search was one of the important reasons of the wrinkles on faces of Google’s executives. Facebook users can express their “likes” for a certain brand. One can see the number of “likes” on a brand and can also check who out of his friend’s like that particular brand. This initiates discussions among friends thus enhancing the commercial activity of the brand through Facebook. So, this concept of Social Search gained more value users than the Organic Search. It benefited the advertisers too as they could find out the relevancy of the Ad.

Google Plus is now fully integrated in Google Search which added a lot of pressure on Facebook. Although, the activity on Google Plus is not as high as Facebook but its integration with YouTube will certainly enhance the same.

The strategy, Google is following is to duplicate features that are successful across various wabsites and put them in one place. This, according to them will lure the target audience into registering with Google+, consequently increasing market share. But this strategy is based on the premise that people are after the features but in reality people are where there friends are. For anything new to become successful the innovators need to be tempted first and that happens when there is an exceptionally great proposition, in this case feature. I think, Google+ will need to do better that rely on its current standing.

This is only the beginning. There is a lot more warfare we will see in the coming months.