Mobile Commerce“Hey! You know, the other day I paid my post-paid bill via my mobile. Cool, isn’t it?” If you hear somebody blabbering about this, don’t be amazed for you live in the age of Mobile Commerce! M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce, understanding in simple language, is a technique that enables one to make transactions through Cell Phones, PDA or other mobile devices. We have explored the world of Mobile to such an extent that this feature has become almost obligatory to us.

All this became feasible because of the advent of smart phones and eventually 3G-internet connectivity. The most common place where we can observe the usage of this service is supermarkets and grocery stores where one can purchase the good just by scanning its barcode. It has also helped reducing the cost of a product because of the least requirement of a cashier and other staffers. You’d be surprised to know that a study reveals that after e-mail and social networking, online shopping is the third most popular activity that takes place via smart phones these days. Be it buying a pen or selling a computer, your smart phone is efficient to do it all.

When you own a smart phone, you own a complete market in your pocket. The number of consumers adopting smart devices or rather mobile devices has increased to about 300% in the last two years.  .

Now that the market has been recognised, all major players are acknowledging the potential of this medium and diverting their resources into building applications that would facilitate the increase in market share. That’s not all, they are modifying their down designs and the user interface to allow users a better experience on the mobile device. They are innovating, expanding and acquiring applications to magnify the impact on the user and consequently dominate the market It will obviously be of an advantage to the user as he will be provided with a whole lot of options and will gain in the competition among the players.

So now, you can buy practically anything (sale-able, of course) under the sun just by a touch. Increasing convenience is a form of progress, isn’t it?