Google announced they would be encrypting search queries, for privacy reasons.

Google SSL Default

A few days ago Google announced that they will now be encrypting search queries. With almost 66% of the search traffic in the google camp, this must sound like an extremely scary thing. The encryption is routed only to those who are logged in to their google accounts. This basically means that courtesy the SSL you will find more accurate and relevant searches.

Though google has huge expansion plans and is looking at penetrating people’s lives through various channels like social media etc., but its strength is and will always remain Search Engine. The encryption will internationally work for users who log into google. what do u imagine this percentage must be like? Surprisingly, it is a very small percentage. this may seem that this is done to enhance the privacy experience of their users but looking closely, it is the contrary. Google claims that by introducing the encryption policy, they will be increasing the security of your search habits etc. But what Google failed to declare is that a lot of information will still be accessible to Google Advertisers through google analytics.

The google encryption will ensure loss of referrer data, that is what is the source of the website traffic is coming from but will still be able to tell which words are important in search results. n reality the referrers are depleting. Feel protected?

The Google encryption may protect you from others but how it ever going to protect you against big brother?Google encryption is going to give Google an insight into your search habits, your lifestyle, your personality maybe even your darkest secrets. What I am really trying to say is that Google is the Big Brother George Orwell once warned us about. We are being watched all the time.