New Googl Analytics Features Blog

Google Analytics (GA) is one of those boons which make ones experience on World Wide Web a happy calculable one. Technically speaking, it is a free service offered by Google through which one can track the detailed statistics of visitors on a website. Not just that, it can also help you detect the source of your traffic, your ROI and even the conversions till the point of payment. GA also tells you the number of times that a particular page has been viewed on your site and for how long on an average the visitors stayed on a page. Google has been constantly improving the way the data is captured from the websites and analysed. This year in the month of April, Google released many updates which helped users better understand GA. The new features not only made tracking easier but allowed customised report to extract exactly what is needed.  It adopted a new look which is more user friendly. The best part about google analytics is that it is constantly changing and improving to provide people with a better experience.

Let me tell you something that you dint already know, the features that a user uses for free today have been on GA for a long time but available only to premium or shall I say paid users. As the demand for cutting-edge analytics increased, GA improvised its look and steadily shared its paid features for free. But what most of these businesses are unable to predict is that the high dependency on such a tool could create a lot of problems in the future.

Google may make this a paid feature and charge large amounts of money to enterprises to use the same. What will one do then? How will one extract data, conduct analysis to be able to make sound decisions? The best way to deal with this dependency is to simultaneously use an alternate analytics tool from an open source unless you have huge budgets for analysis alone. In which case, you’d go a long way.