Subscripton CommerceTechnology was introduced only to make your life simpler. That is exactly what Internet is making an effort to do. Remember when you had to subscribe to a hundred different websites to keep yourself up to date on say skiing. A different websites would tell you about the technique, yet another about the equipment  and perhaps another one that would inform you about expert’s opinions on how, when and who won and all this information gathering is such a pain. But subscriptions have made retaining your passion easy.

Now let’s see how simple technology can allow you remain passionate about anything you like. Like I love cars, the technology behind the speed, the beauty, the dynamics and of course the brands. Without being biased about any website, I gathered my information from top notch auto magazines with a fee of some hundred USDs, a while ago. Well, best things in life are never free. Then I found myself wondering, when I am paying, why not consolidate all this information. Subscribe to one website to know all I want to know. This is subscription commerce.

Looking at the nitty grities of Subscription commerce, the concept has been available in the past in the form of modules, where you can add plugins of software and for each plugin install, you pay subscription. Simple? It is. Its not just for things that are your hobbies, but all else be it sales, softwares, etc., Subscription commerce is selling the services on the basis of social networks that will viral the  services based on their interests. As soon as you express interest in a service, you will be able to choose between a variety of companies based on the pricing and usage model making it convenient for selling. Flipboard is a good example of who has tied up with New York times for the paid access, making it easy to access content.

Subscription commerce is another name for promotion and sales of subscriptions through different media. It is gaining fervent appreciation in social media. Social media has an enormous reach and the technology to allow people to subscribe (give permission) to gain information. This concept is applicable to companies selling products and services on subscription basis. It offers the opportunity to such companies to present their services in one go on various social networks with similar interests in a particular category.