What happens when you take the most important features of the best social media channels and put them together? You get a new social platform, Pinterest. Upload images, make new boards and follow those that you like. It offers a great platform to not only users but also to companies and brands to attain both visibility and meet the sales targets.

Pin Commerce

For brands it’s an excellent opportunity to make their products visible. Pinterest supports shares or large  fantastic pictures and allows users to browse through them like a magazine. User stops at whatever he/ she likes and re-pins it making the product viral. Pinterest also allows you to highlight the price of the product on the left top corner. The user can make the decision to purchase the product at the pinterest platform itself and click to reach the payment gateway page (the destination URL is changeable).

Personally, I think people just browse through these pages of Pinterest to find something they can buy or gift in less than a $50. Not only that, it allows people to gain perspective on things that are good and in their budget. Right now, it may not seem like something too big, especially when it neither has ads nor sponsored stories like those of facebook or twitter but soon it will evolve into a commercial social media platform with indulging offers.

The smaller retailers can put up their product pictures on Pinterest with a price tag. Without spending huge marketing budgets it can drive traffic and sell its products to a rather smart audience. When there are thousands of brands with over hundreds of websites with similar offerings and rather c ompetitive prices how can a consumer make a decision? For that matter how will the consumer even know a small retailer exists with a better value proposition unless he either spend a bomb to gain visibility or find a platform that can give both visibility and sales. Pinterest is an answer to all of those Mom and Pop stores who are losing footfalls to large conglomerates.

Well this is only the beginning, once Pinterest realises its own potential and gets 50% as much traffic as facebook does today or twice as much as twitter does, they will make sponsored posts to highlight some pictures over the others, much like Google search, to further monetise their product! So as you can see, Pinterest is not a stand alone, it is an amalgamation of everything that is good about others and if they will make so much effort to make a brilliant product they will also aid sales through their platform to make money, hence defined, PIN COMMERCE.