Apple’s iPhone 5 sales have been declared phenomenal. It has received an advance booking of over 2 million phones within the first 24 hours of pre-order opening. Philip Schiller, the senior VP of worldwide marketing for Apple is very happy with the results.  

The sales of iPhone 5 have exceeded the sales of iPhone 4S sold last year by almost a 100%. In fact, it has set a new sales record. The US mobile provider AT&T said that iPhone 5 sold more pieces than any other model of Phone ever.

Apple iPhone 5

Also, in August last year, Samsung Galaxy S III outperformed the sales of iPhone 4S.

To sum it up, the smartphone war is raging. Seeing the performance of iPhone 5, the competition is only bound to grow fiercer. What I am really trying to say is that the smart phone war is at its full blast and soon we will see many new players indulging it.

The smartphone market, irrespective of the owner is where all the competition is. When a person chooses a smartphone it is because of the features and the applications available in its market whether it is an iOS, android or windows.

It is not only the mobile phone manufacturers but all companies across the world acknowledging the effects of this war on a shift in the market. More and more people are moving from the desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones so that they can access anything they like from anywhere they want. Internet is moving towards becoming mobile. And the biggest companies such as Facebook, Google, eBay etc., are fighting for space in the mobile market.