Emu, as some of you might already know, is a small mobile service company that helps businesses and individuals to use their credit/. Debit card anywhere at any time. Last month, Emu started its one-time charge dongle-free payment service in UK. This small startup is growing at an efficient rate.


Today, they announced that they are expanding and will now be accepting card payments from 16 countries across the European continent.

Emu used cloud based technology across mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops/ PCs to facilitate payments using their cards. Sellers need to register with Emu online and thereon customers, who are also registered with Emu, can make the payment using any card.

The important thing that Emu declared was that their sales in UK are shooting up by a 100% everyday since they started operations on 28th September. That is phenomenal growth. But the important thing to be noted here is that major chunk of the transactions were made by the mobile devices.

I have been talking about the evolution and the growth of the mobile commerce industry for a while. Apart from big fish like Facebook, Google the smaller fish are now beginning to facilitate the change. In the times to come apart from major apps on the mobile market, you might also observe the payment facilitators, marketers and other service providers take the mobile space by storm.