Earlier today, I was reading about Fab.com’s achievements this year. They released a number of data on their sales performance, which I must saw were quite amazing. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this performance is a testimony of growth of ecommerce in the US.



Fab has not only reached a 300% growth in one year but also accomplished a million dollar sale in a single day. They reported, 26th November 2012 as their single day high sale of $1.3 million.

The thing that caught my eye was the contribution to the sales through mobile devices. They credited more than one third of their sales to the mobile application used on mobile devices such as Tablets and smart phones. The leading among them were iPhone and iPad making almost equal sales. That is a huge percentage.

Shelhammer and Goldber, the founders of Fab have dedicated this website to give people the best designs in terms of products and browsing experience and deals. People love deals! But what impact does it have on consumers? Do you buy their loyalty through deals? Atleast not in India.

Now, what I am getting at is, with the evolution of ecommerce, the shift towards the mobile commerce is quite apparent now more than ever. Most ecomm players have given credit for their sales to Mobile devices. More and more of them are relying on Mobile apps. And with Mobile market growing at this fervent rate, soon mobile device contribution to sales would be more than half. And even in these mobile apps, the ones with the best design and the deals is bound to stick with the consumer.

Its only a matter of time when everyone on the globe will have a mobile handset or a tablet and will do everything on it, from shopping to paying bills and even ordering food.