Facebook Graph SearchFor the FB savvy, here is Zuckerberg’s new-year gift to the community—the Graph Search. For those, who have not been already using it and also for those in two minds about whether or not to request for a trial, Graph Search lets you explore the connections between people, places and other interests. Now in its beta, this latest FB feature is intended to let the users look up anything shared with them on Facebook, and allow others find the stuff they’ve shared with them.

Facebook has redefined the meaning of “staying connected”.  FB is the most hot and happening stage for  lost and found- themed family melodramas; since its inception, it has been the world’s most popular alumni club and even cops’ favorite destination for launching their criminal-hunts. Furthermore, Facebook is new age marketers’ paradise. For the savvy, FB is a source of exceptional monetizing opportunities; for not-so-savvy, FB is a simple tool to stay connected forever to someone that really matters. The graph Search tends to make the FB family a tad more close-knit.

The outcome of a partnership with Bing Search engine, the Graph Search remarkably expands the scope of your search and makes it more result-oriented. Suppose you have a friend that went to the same school as you some 25 years back and used to love Indiana Jones the same crazy way you did. FB’s new advanced search engine, its team claims, will consider these combinations of shared interests to offer you near-accurate search result.

So with Graph Search, your chances of finding a specific person increase. On the other hand, Graph Search allows you to get a glimpse into the world of future friend and learn about his/her preferences before accepting add friend request. Unlike popular search engines, it tends to introduce a new method of searching that tends to  involve several search criteria at one go.  For example, this complex search method will let you find the city restaurant, where some of your relatives dined last summer or identify the person/persons on your friend’s list who are Rihanna fans. Now this is fantastic! It can have big impact for the businesses as well as private users.

Yes, you got it right! The power simply rests in the “share” and “Likes” of billions of FB users. Leveraging the data from its over 1 billion users, the Graph Search tends to replace keywords and links as traditional search methods, making searching more social, more natural. From finding eateries in a specific city to finding new friends that match your wave length—everything seems to get lot easier with Graph Search. For the marketers, Graph Search let them dig deep into consumers’ minds, while for the recruiters, it broadens the boundaries of search for locating the right talent.

It is time to wait and watch whether this new FB feature shines or fades. It already raised security concerns from the experts. The FB security team however maintains that the built-in privacy control will allow for self-regulatory protection from malicious attackers. But one thing is clear that with Graph Search taking interconnection to this amazing level, you could longer afford to be callous about privacy setting of your FB account.