indexThe major section of mobile apps is ever changing with new utility apps replacing ancient ones (read 2 weeks old apps) and laying a new point of investment for various ventures and business enthusiasts. If you ask self-made entrepreneur (and sometimes pilot as his Tweeter account explains), Rohit Sharma, he would say that ‘Mobile is the only under-hyped thing in tech’. Thanks to the erstwhile information saturation and the contemporary ‘apps saturation’, it is difficult to suggest the exact apps that would reap you the expected Return of Investment. However, as the present generation are slowly transforming into Operating Systems like Android, iOS and Nokia’s Windows Phone OS among others, investing in mobile apps can be pretty lucrative. Let us read about some points, which you may keep in mind about apps investment.

Accelerating Hardware Apps

One of the key complaints from various low end android users is their camera’s limitations of auto-focusing. Following suit, there are hundreds of apps out there, which automatically calibrate the camera and allow it to take high-def images. Cymera is one such app, which is still reaping investment ventures for further improvements.

Gaming Industry

Temple Run merchandise, Subway Surfer, Asphalt, Need for Speed, Zyanga Poker, Fruit Slash and many more have instantly gained prominence in the app market. If you are considering app investment, this is a great category to start your business. Gaming industry is already saturated with landmark games. However, if you have some unique gaming ideas, your investments are in for some profiting treats.

Networking Apps

If your apps can make social networking a tad easier, then your investment is worth the shot. Creative messaging apps like Watsapp, Snapchat or K-9 Mail, makes smooth, an user’s need to communicate with friends and family. Including some extra features like audio mail, image and record messaging, respectively, would obviously lead to more user preferences and subsequent downloads.

The Offline Apps

In other words, this kind of apps regulates a user’s important dates, events and meetings in a more interactive layout, allowing quick capabilities of editing and improvising, whenever the need arises. If you want to penetrate the apps market and enjoy a factual investment, offline apps can be a good field.

Utility Apps

At present times, there are massive app users, who hunt for utility apps that help them organizing their daily routine and yet retain the fun aspect of it all. For example, ‘Alarm Clock Plus’ attracted many users, due to its featuring alarm attributes, that lets its users solve a piece of math, just to reach the snooze button. Such perky aspects always get people’s attention.

For a final note, the verdict lies upon the question of the best arena, where you can enjoy maximum ROI for your apps investment. Predictability in app marketing is very narrow and uncertain. App users may show inclination for one app during its startup, while they can completely shift their allegiance when something new comes up. The trick is, as it has always been with products, is to find newer ways to attract and engage your users.