The next IFA conference in Berlin might mark the historic day when Samsung decides to trump their own predecessor (the Galaxy Note II), samsung-galaxy-note3unveil a smartphone that smoothly runs the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.3 (Google Nexus being the only other phone to run it without a glitch) and give the stupefied users an experience of a 5.7” full HD display. Also, it won’t lead to any forms of spondylitis, since it’s only 5.9 ounce and 0.32 inch thick. Such is the hype surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note III that it came under pre-booking in the Samsung official website for a considerable amount of Rs. 2000. The pending announcement of Samsung Galaxy Gear (a wearable smartphone-wristwatch) along with Note III only creates a much larger publicity among the geeks and consumers alike.

So what are the exact specifications that dazzle the Samsung Note 3? The first feature that will swirl you into deep thoughts is the stretched out display and bolting processing power. It might cover up your face, if you hold it too close. Such a preposterous comments being said, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a true blessing for the hard core gamers, who love to detail out each graphical components of simulated gaming arena (technically, it’s the multi-layered rendering of top-class and more complex gaming environments). Watching videos, viewing emails, surfing the internet and socializing with friends (read Facebooking and video calling) becomes more exciting for the more regular folks.

Processing has completely gone uphill, with the latest Exynos 5 Octa Processor along with a ticking 2.3 GHz frequency working on a big-brother 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset an enhanced TouchWiz UI and of course, our old boy OS, Android Jelly Bean 4.3 version. The processor is made more efficient with the presence of four Cortex-A 15 and A-7 cores, respectively. Such specifications translates into lightning processing prowess, solid speed, 2.3 quicker graphics capabilities and a net amount of 70% more energy efficiency.

As discussed earlier, the massive 5”+ display is a Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen, Full HD, 1920by1000 pixels and with 16 million colors, 1080 by 1920 pixels. The Touchwiz UI is specially designed to cater to the whims of the S-pen (more on that below). And Yes Dear Reader, it is ‘Multitouch’ enabled.

The S-Pen is another cool feature of the new Note 3. It has opened a genre of stylus feature, called the ‘Air Command’ (and that should evidently interest the Star Trek fans). The modus operandi of the ‘Air Command’ is that, when you are hovering your stylus over the screen and click on its button, it will instantly spring-open a host of apps on the screen. Moreover, in case you are in the mood to multitasking ‘Inception style’ (an application upon another application), you may do so, using the ‘Pen Window’. The stylus allows you to draw a square on the screen and lets you select the app you want to run (say surf the internet). In case you want to watch a video while your page is loading, you can simultaneously open another square window and run the YouTube app. At present, this feature is available only for YouTube, Internet and the Calculator. However, hopes are positive for future apps inclusion.

The 16-MP camera of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, along with the regular goodies has one more new feature-the 9-point focus points (d-SLR owners, jealous much?). That’s right, the camera can focus on nine different points of the image, letting users take portrait shots of their objects, placed anywhere in the screen. Otherwise, there are regular attributes like Ultra-HD recording, geo-tagging, image stabilization, face detection and a front 2MP camera of 1080p and 30fps for smart video conferencing.

It will not do any grammatical justice unless we talk about the note keeping facility of the Galaxy Note 3. This functionality is featured under the Action Memo that helps you to scribble random notes that in turn helps you in quickly adding information to your contacts, call the number you just scribbled on the screen or find any legibly-scrawled address in Google Maps.

The Quick Drag is another interesting feature of the Note 3, which helps in splitting the various apps in different sections of the screen. In case you would like to go full-view on an app, you simply have to drag the app across the screen. This feature is much like the Windows 7 OS that allows users to minimize/maximize or reduce a window size.

Screenwipe, another intelligent app in Note 3, helps you to take snapshots of your screen and edit them, before you want to upload it to Facebook or send it to your girlfriend (err, ‘just a friend). The S-finder app if Screenwipe, hooks you up with all sorts of digital media available in your phone, which you want to edit. Moreover, the S-finder also connects you with Google or other search engines, in case you want to consult the internet.

The regular features of Note 3 includes; ample internal storage of 32GB that is expandable to 64GB more; micro-sim capable for 3G and 2G connections; under the data transfer segment it features Edge, GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared ports and USB, sensors include accelerometer, gyro, proximity sensors, barometer, compass and gesture applications. In an attempt to ward off evil spirits (read users’ distaste) from using plastic covering, Samsung has introduced faux-leather backing, false stitching and a metallic (read plastic here) finish. When you let this leather covered beauty be absolutely still, it may resemble a small notebook.

After myriad lawsuits from the heavy bosses of Apple, the Samsung Galaxy Note III can actually help it to gain some traction (as if it was not popular already). With the suave new outlook, leathery backing (no animals were killed in the making), comfortably lightweight, incredible computing speed (with 3 GB RAM) and a massive screen that puts the users viability of pockets in question, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is truly going to be a looker for 2014. Samsung has not yet declared the actual price of Note 3 but just hinted at its booking price. However, if a modest estimation is to be made, you may expect the price to be around half a lakh, give or take.