iPhone-5SWe have all seen the hype and excitement that lined the iconic Apple store this year at Fifth Avenue of Midtown Manhattan, which became a den of anxious Apple enthusiast, who waited for hours on end, just to grab their latest iPhone merchandise. A lot have been said about 5s’ latest processor, touch ID feature and sturdy casing. A lot have been said about certain features remaining akin to its predecessors. Keeping aside the rumors and gossips, let us delve into an actual discussion, which notably describes 5s in its entirety. Let us see the things you can expect in this year’s Apple iPhone release.


The A7 microprocessor and M7 motion coprocessor fits perfectly into its 64 bit ARMv8 variant, giving the phone its unique capacity to work easier and quicker. The casing resembles its previous model.


The latest iPhone 5S runs on IOS 7, which is rather quick and interactive than its previous version. Multitasking has become rather painless and smooth. On the surface, it has laid a simple layout, useful for its users.


The 4 inch display comes with 1136 by 640 pixel resolution with 800:1 contrast ratio. The oleophobic coating helps in avoiding fingerprint marks.


Apple has surprisingly kept the camera potency at 8 megapixels (back camera) with flash. However, what sets the 5s version apart are the iSight and the chic slow motion video playback capability. The iSight comes with autofocus, image stabilization, IR filtering and burst mode.

Better Battery Life

This is definitely a welcome improvement in iPhone 5S, which gives you enough power for 8 hours of 3g internet, 40 hours audio playback, 10 hours of video and Wi-Fi usage, each.


The all new Touch ID is apple’s recent publicity stunt, which allows its users to set up a security bridge, authorizing only a registered fingerprint to unlock the phone. Controversies have arisen regarding its viability, since a cat paw is known to have unlocked the phone. However, there’s still the traditional password key that can be used along the touch verification. Other sensors like gyroscope, proximity sensors and accelerometer among others, are all the same.


Yes it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Yes, it has a lightning speed data cable connection with capacity to micro USB charging. Yes, the headphones come with 3.5 mm jacks. But No, it has no multi-sim slots, or HDMI ports or Wi-Fi direct. The new part in this case is the ear-pods headphones with Remote and Mics, giving you a little extra something to fiddle with.


Finally, all that matters about the new phone is what comes with the box. The iPhone 5S package comes with the handset, the headphones with Remote and Mic, an USB power adapter, travelling case and storage case, the ‘Lightning’ USB cable and the user Manual.

Apple has tried to keep things simple and routine from the outside (read no bling or sleekness), while the processing speed, battery life and security has seen some improvements. Apple is well aware about its prevailing competitors (like HTC One or Samsung Galaxy Note 3), which might reduce 5s’ rock-star status. However, it is but time that holds the key to fame for our latest iPhone release.

In a nutshell, If you want an Apple phone that works effortlessly, offers you an enhanced display and gives you both better processing speed and battery life, iPhone 5s will exceed expectations. Unlike its predecessor, the iPhone 5, the newer version packs in a superior A7 chip, improved camera functionalities, the latest M7 chip and the all fresh Touch ID. In fact, the upgraded iPhone costs just £20 (less than Rs 2,000) more than its harbinger. In addition, the gold version of the iPhone 5s seems to be massively appealing to various users. In conclusion, since around 9 million units were sold by lunch, on the opening day of iPhone 5s, it remains highly desirable and popular.