email marketingEmail marketing is one of the most effective tools of connecting with potential customers. Through newsletters, updates emails and templates, you can convey your product details and get positive results. However, thanks to the burgeoning growth of social networking sites, email newsletters have slowly gotten into the infernal habit of ignoring. In worst case scenario, these newsletters land up in users’ spam folders. And if it couldn’t get any worse, subscribers may discontinue receiving newsletters from your website. Hence, it is time you burn some midnight oil and make your newsletters more appealing. Sales will gradually boost when your product has the necessary backing of widespread publicity. Creativity is the word of the day and its legitimate use can earn you profit.

Let’s read about some more interactive tips for email marketing,

Using the Calendar

People like to be reminded of any festivities for a day. So be it a legitimate (say Memorial Day) or a silly festival (say, International Bacon’s Day, Dec 30), send greetings to your subscribers. They would love to be a part of any celebrations.

Asking for Free and Fair Polls (without reservations)

This tactic works wonder in engaging and involving your subscribers. Say, you want to change the logo of the company and came up with few ideas. So, mention a link in your newsletter and ask your subscribers to vote for their favorite logo. This will influence them to remain active in your company affairs and also make them feel valuable.

Highlight Your Subscribers

In the grand scheme of marketing, your subscribers would always want to feel special appraised for their membership. Respect that fact and ask them to submit photos, testimonials, videos and comments, which will highlight about their feelings towards you and how can your products be improved. Also, promise to post names or content of a lucky subscriber, in subsequent newsletters.

Video Based Publicity

People love to see things moving and conversing with them. This is why product videos easily convey the entire content to their viewers. Post the links of these videos in your newsletter, along with a screenshot to heighten the interest of interested subscribers.

Provide Options for Sharing

Your subscribers would love to tell their pals and friends about their recent affairs. If they really like your product, most would like to share it on social networking sites. Therefore, it is judicious to provide links in your HTML newsletter that leads to Facebook and Tweeter, etc. Let your subscribers spread the word for you.

Ask Yourself ‘Why mine?’

Never overestimate the power of your product. When your sales are peeking, always check and recheck the analytics reports. Make some tweaks and adjustments to your newsletter and keep your content updated. Reassess your goals of email marketing and keep attracting your subscribers.

Timing Works Like Magic (No Sorcery Intended)

Are your target subscribers businessmen? Don’t bug them with newsletters on Mondays. Are they in their 20’s and working in MNCs? Friday is definitely not for emails. It’s important to time your emails according to the ease of your target audience.

So these are some interactive ways which will create some solid email marketing strategies. Remember that patience is a virtue in this case. Be vigilant about each feedback and carefully read your analytics report (courtesy the free of charge Google Analytics, paid analytics, etc). These are some tools and qualities that will aid you to find success.