With a commitment to remove spam completely from search index and ensure a cleaner and more quality search result for its users, Google keep on announcing product upgrades rather too frequently for the comfort of the online marketers. Whether with its latest search algo update Hummingbird or its attempt at removing keywords from Google Analytics, and most recently with its introduction of 14 new features to Google Analytics, Google always keep the marketers on the toes, making them to evolve and innovate for their own benefits!Google Analytics

New Google Analytics Sans The Keyword Report
The marketers, who often leveraged the keyword data of Google Analytics to shape their campaign strategies, the removal of this feature came as a big blow. However the search giant has more than made up for this loss with a set of new features that can prove immensely beneficial for the marketers who, while creating campaigns, give consideration to the audiences’ online behavior, both on company websites as well as on the social sites.

Access To More Insightful Data For Pre-Campaign Research
As we all know analytics give you good understanding of the source of traffic and how a visitor behaves on your website. Starting with what keywords/phrases they used to find you to what pages they looked at, how long they stayed on that page, what links/ buttons they clicked on and more. The same way, analytics can be employed to track the PPC ads, newsletter campaigns and E-mail marketing.

When it comes to rolling out a campaign, the most crucial part is to collect data for crafting out the outline of the campaign. Successful campaigns are built on what you know about your audience and how you can craft your “story” to strike an instant connection with them. Also important is to determine the time period over which the audience has to be targeted.

The New features in the Google Analytics, including the one that gives you the ability to view demographic data, will allow you to garner the right set of information about your audience and get your campaign channelized in the right direction. The enhanced Analytics will enable you to answer some of the key questions about your audience such as whom should you target? Which part of the world they live? What should be the best time to target them with your marketing “story?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can get an understanding of what kind of content might capture their attention and even when and where you can best target then. Using data to craft campaigns means you’re keeping guess work out of your efforts as far as possible.

Let us examine some of the most important features separately in order to understand their benefits in terms of online marketing.

Smarter Segmentation With Demographic Data
This data set allows the marketers to segment particular visitor groups on the basis of the audience’s gender, age and interests. In addition to helping them understand which products are selling most from a certain group, this data also helps with remarketing.
Based on demographic data, the marketers can use heavily targeted PPC ads for specific segments of the audience and can improve their campaign efforts in Google AdWords. Thus with a few clicks of mouse you can get an idea about who are the ideal customers of you.

Result-Oriented Reporting With ABC Model
The revised GA has attempted to encourage a more focused marketing on the basis of ABC reporting model (acquisitionbehaviorconversion).
Previously referred to as traffic, the current acquisition feature is designed to give out the traffic sources.
Two new features, namely Overview and Channels have been added to this section in the enhanced version of GA.
While overview tells you about different channels that send traffic to your site, the channel feature shows you in detail, how the visitors behaved on your site through such metrics as page visit duration, bounce rates and number of pages visited.
In a nutshell, acquisition report allows users to see how and through which channels new visitors are acquired, their subsequent behavior on site through conversions.
By bringing the ABC data onto a single report, this upgrade has made it easier and quicker to acquire valuable customer data.
The Behavior Flow In GA
This GA tool is designed to give you an idea about which of the page has retained maximum visitors and which of them have retained the minimum.
This analytics tool is especially helpful for measuring the success of your PPC advertisement ROI.
The behavior flow shows you through a flowchart diagram, on which page of your website a visitor lands and which more pages are viewed once the visitor is in the website. If the behavior flow shows that the landing page created for the PPC advertisement is one through which most of the traffic is entering your site, it means your paid advertisement efforts are working.
Then, it also helps you find out which of the pages/blogs/ contents shared on your social profile is helping drive traffic to your site. With showing the pages through which visitors are entering your website, this feature can help adjust the overall marketing strategy by changing what is not working and channelizing the efforts toward the right direction.
similarly, the behavioral feature enables you to track the number of visitors that actually move to contact us page after entering browsing through your site and engage in a conversion-focused activity like form submission, email or phone number submission etc. In case visitors are clicking through three or more pages and then exiting the site without engaging in any activity, then it indicates that something is amiss with your website content or design.
So far as social media marketing is concerned, behavioral flow of analytics come to great help. In addition of giving detailed view of which social media channel is driving most traffic to your site, it also helps you understand where visitors go after landing on the site.
The duration of staying on your site is a good indicator of whether or not your promotional blog is working.
When you know which of the social media sites are driving more traffic on a consistent basis, you can focus your efforts on those sites for the maximum marketing ROI.

In view of the above discussion it is quite clear that the new features in the enhanced version of Google analytics can provide the marketers with valuable insights. By making proper utilization of these data, marketers can make their future campaigns more focused and more targeted.