At present, employees are no longer tethered to their office cubicle to complete their daily quota of work. They are more dynamic and flexible with their office hours. They are choosing to work from almost any location other than office. Be it from home, on the street or while driving, mobile technologies has facilitated contemporary workforce to work from anywhere. This of course, poses a challenge to the managers of a company, who must keep their employees under a commitment leash. That means, manager have to employ specific measures to keep their flexible employees motivated, prolific and properly rewarded. To achieve such a balance between flexible workforce and high productivity, managers have to effectively incorporate the new mobile workforce to increase his/her business. Through savvy teamwork, sensitivity and creative handling of workforce, new mobile workforce can be easily used in current markets.

There are certain pointers that should be followed to deal with mobile workforce. Here are few such pointers are tips:

Respect and Gain from Flexible Lifestyles

When working with a flexible workforce, you must be able to provide professional support when they need it. That means even though you and your employees are demarcated by geographical distances, you must create a comfortable work condition for them. Plus, you can arrange professional meetings based on your employees’ or client’s location. This provides greater flexibility and comfortable working environment for making deals or bagging lucrative contracts.

Stay Connected Constantly with your Employees

Allowing your workforce flexibility would mean you have to stay engaged with them. Be an ideal leader. Try to perceive the nature of workforce. Workforces can either be organized or disorganized. To tackle such an ambiguous group, you can hold small gatherings with your workforce at a convenient location, communicate with them and convey the company aims. Keep the lines of communication open and two-way. Use video conferencing for conveying regular company updates. You may appropriate specific modes to extract feedbacks from your employees. The more virtual your modes of communication are, the better connected you can be with your mobile workforce.

Foster a Healthy Relationship with the Workforce

This is an importance aspect of a successful employee-CEO relation. Your mobile workforce should feel secured and comfortable while working with you. If they look up to you, then you must be doing a good job. You may follow the concept of centralized dispatch, which enables efficient distribution of work, better focus on appointing the right person and improved channels of calculating net productivity of an employee. You may dispatch a clerk, who is proficient to gauge the nature of your mobile workforce. The clerk reports to you about the availability of employees. Based on this input, you can effectively assign work and get your desired outcomes.

Provide Distinct and Achievable Goals for your Employees

It is imperative that you convey your company goals and expectation clearly, without any doubts. You must garner enough trust, upon your employees, that your expectations are fulfilled. The goals, which you set for your mobile workforce, should be quantifiable and specific. Extra rewards for completing task, before deadline, influences better returns from your mobile taskforce.

Mobile workforce is a trendsetter. It definitely is the future of working cadres, who loves to handle work and life, ‘on the go’. Hence, it is a smart move to nurture an obvious proclivity towards managing mobile taskforce. The gradual adoption of mobile workforce in your business can only bring better ROIs and creative employees in the future. In other words, to remain fit and strong in market competition, espousing mobile workforce is the best step for a more sturdy future.