Apple has been known to dazzle us with their latest series of Operating Systems (OSs), new lines of iPhone and iPads and trend setting gadgets. Apple’s latest offering to the world of mortals is the iOS 8. There are several confusions and enigmas regarding the actual launch of iOS 8. Many are proposing the official date to be June 2, 2014. However, most believes that the iOS 8 is still under wraps and is due to be featured around Mid-September, later this year. What happened on June 2 was that, Apple held a conference in their WWDC ( the annual World Wide Developers Conference) and might have unveiled a part of iOS 8 under the codename of Okemo. Apple based the conference mostly on ‘convergence’, how they are planning to tie up loose ends of the previous iOS 7 and what new features Apple users can expect. iOS is available for all developers, who can test the new OS and improve its functionalities. For the rest of Apple users, the OS would only be available for free download, around fall of 2014. Apple are eyeing at launching iPhone 6, with in-built iOS 8. Until then, let us see what we already know about iOS 8.

Better Interface

The flat interface of iOS 7 has been a serious let-down. This is why, the iOS 8 comes with a simple, quick and intuitive interface. The developers feel that iOS 8 is a massive enterprise, allowing developers the tools to invent newer apps.

‘Health’ and ‘HealthKit’ Apps

The Healthcare apps of iOS 8 are more improved. They come under the names of Health and HealthKit. The apps use third party apps to calculate desired health pointers. The end results are laid down in your screen, under one simple picture. Of course, only after taking your permission these apps sync with fitness trackers and gadgets.

Presenting the ‘iWatch’

iPhone 6, together with iOS 8 is going to come with in-built sensors that can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns and various other metrical units.

‘Family Sharing’ App

Family is where true happiness lies. So what’s better than keeping in touch with at least six of your family members, in real-time? The Family Sharing App in Apple lets you share stories, purchases, photos, videos and other moments with six of your designated family members, each having their own Apple IDs. Using the Family Sharing App, you can also find friends with Apple IDs. Plus, if you like to restrict your child’s consumption habits, the app gives you the power to authorize any purchases made by your child, using the same credit card.

Improved Notification Center

The newer version of the Notification Center in iOS 8, is another interesting feature. You can pull up any apps, messages or mails, etc. to the notification center and set a reminder to view them for later use. Just like that, there are several other cool features available in the Notification Center of the new iOS 8.

Manage Emails More Efficiently

Swipe your thumb to either delete, compose or move to inbox, several emails and messages. Working with emails has never been so fun and easy before. You can easily flag emails as read or unread, quickly add a mail to the inbox while composing a different mail, tap to talk and send voice notes and share photos among your favorite list of contacts.

More Tweaks

Judging by the conference details, it has become easier to type with ‘QuickType’ in iOS 8. Writing and constructing a sentence becomes a matter of nanoseconds. QuickType gives you instant suggestions of your favorite phrases, predictive words and preferred texts. So you can easily create text message and Facebook statuses within seconds.