In the smartphone era, we are living a mobile apps-driven lifestyle. The world of mobile apps is a crowded place, where thousands of apps vie for the top slot and the users’ attention. All the apps are apparently at constant war with each other for stealing the attention of the downloader. In this fiercely competitive world, you have to put a lot of efforts to even get noticed.

Organic Vs Inorganic Apps Download

This made the app developers work out their own innovative ways to bend the system in the app stores and bring attention to the apps for downloads.

They can influence the system for driving downloads in two ways- organically or non-organically.

What Is Organic App Download?

Organic apps downloads refer to the actions that originate from a non-paid source, directed to the app store, finally culminating into downloads. So far as organic mobile apps downloads are concerned, it is the users’ interest in the particular app that are driving downloads. Whether free of chargeable, in this case, the user has found it worthy of downloading the apps.

What Is Inorganic App Download

Inorganic download on the other hand refers to an action that involves incentives for download. In these cases, users are encouraged to download the apps in exchange of free goods such as free game contents.

Various Ways to Boost Inorganic App Download

Sometimes, app developers use third party services such as bot farming to manipulate app ranking in the app stores. Bot farming involves the use of programmed robots. These robots are used to download a particular app for numerous times to push up the ranking of the app in the store.

Paid services also include posting fake reviews about an app for enhancing the ranking of a particular app. However, these techniques are unwelcome for most of the app store, particularly Apple iTune.

Mobile App Download Recent Trends

So far as mobile apps download is concerned, it is still the paid channels that are driving most of the traffic. But it has been seen that downloads achieved through incentivized traffic, bot farms and other paid services generally lead to exceptionally low conversion rates. In most of the cases, it has been seen that people who have downloaded the app once in exchange for an incentive, have never returned to use it.

Thus it has become important for the marketers to emphasize more on the organic app downloads.

Marketers are emphasizing in streamlining millions of search terms and trying to develop software like Google Analytics to gain insights into where organic app downloads are coming from.

These efforts are aimed at providing the app marketers with the data they need to make marketing decisions for discreet spending of their marketing resources.

Ways To Boost Organic App Downloads:

  • Name your app aptly

Name your app discreetly so that people find it easy to find your app. The app developer must pre-plan the ways through which the customers can find the app. For instance, ecommerce merchants can name the mobile app after their store names.

  • Leverage The Power Of Icon

Mobile being essentially a visual medium, your app is likely to generate interest if it is accompanied by a visually appealing icon.  Instead of using long text,  a meaningful image can be used to convey the core value of your business. A smart icon goes a long way to drive more downloads.

  • Use Reviews To Draw The Attention Of The Prospects

Encourage your users to leave reviews on your app. It is okay to incentivize the users with discounts or promo offers, but do not try to buy reviews, as they do not offer you much value.